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Colorado Horseback Adventures
PO Box 688
Hotchkiss, CO 81419

Welcome to the Bar Diamond Ranch

Thank you for your interest in our wilderness pack trips by horse. We hope you'll join us on a horseback adventure into a part of the Gunnison National Forest known as the West Elk Wilderness Area. With approximately 200,000 acres, the West Elk Wilderness area contains some of America's finest and most primitive land set aside to remain so forever. We believe that the West Elk Wilderness is one of the most beautiful places in America.

The area is much the same as it was a hundred or more years ago when the Ute Indians roamed and hunted it. This is true wilderness with no roads, nothing mechanized or motorized, not even mountain bikes are allowed. Only horseback or foot travel is allowed. It is a beautiful area that is easy to travel on horseback and a great place to camp.

From atop an "ole saddle horse" you can safely travel and enjoy this rugged and majestic area - unspoiled by our so-called "civilization".

From the top of 13,000 foot high West Elk Peak you can see a hundred miles in almost any direction. From high in the saddle deer elk and sometimes bighorn sheep may be seen grazing the high tundra-like basins. Bald or golden eagles nest high up on the cliffs and may be seen soaring overhead. Occasionally, black bear can be spotted lumbering along in search of a tasty grub or small rodent. You'll find beaver dams and lodges very interesting and you may even get to watch a beaver at work cutting a tree or repairing a dam.


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